We’re well versed in working with TV personalities and uber-technical niche areas. Our understanding of complex speciality areas like healthcare, pharma, mental health, technology or finance is unequalled in the film industry. And, we’re at home filming and producing major sporting events such as F1, WEC. Yes, we also work with Premier League football clubs and their star assets. Essentially, we make a wide variety of different industry sector video productions

We work  B2B. Consumer facing B2C. In the public sector and charity arenas, with clients such as The NHS and Oxfam. Even providing productions for the media and film industries. Want a specialist in your area? Would you like a partner who has solid expertise across various industry sector video productions? Call us now on +44(0)161 826 0106.


In a nutshell, we’re knowledgeable. We care. We work hard and we’re good enough to grasp your business and your key communication objectives, very quickly. We have an in-house team who have a successful track-record of making videos that work. In a way which engages your target audience better than you would expect.

Understanding your staff, partners, clients, customers and the general public

Thinktank's producers have worked in broadcast television. Worked as senior managers in corporate boardrooms. And, worked with CEOs of some of the worlds leading business and consumer brands.

We understand people and respect their politics. We know to look after major stakeholders and partners, tactfully. Best of all, we know what to do to get your message across to clients, customers and the general public, for public information broadcast.

To make different industry sector video productions look great, you need a video production company that can navigate the politics and personalities around you. That's what we do best.

Planned, scripted or live

Because thinktank works on a range of planned, scripted and live industry sector video productions we’re able to capture the essence of your business on film. Trust us to help you communicate in way your marketing team envisage and your clients want. Whatever your industry; whatever your
industry sector video production. And, whatever your referred style of film you need, thinktank can walk you through the best ways of achieving your goals.