We’ve worked for global T1 banks, major financial institutions and technology providers to the banking and finance sector, developing a wealth of filmed content. We’re incredibly private and articulate in the way we go about our work and deliver world-class banking and finance video productions. Our financial sector portfolio also includes VC clients, investment management companies, insurance brokers, ethical short-term lenders, property finance lenders (including bridging loans), loan companies, refinancing organisations and credit card companies. We really do have a great deal of experience in your sector.


The banking & finance sectors is steeped in corporate culture and strict regulatory control. Both require extensive corporate governance to guarantee regulatory compliance with the needs of regulatory bodies. Yet you need to compete with other financial institutions to attract and win new clients.

Enter thinktank. Pure innovation is at the core of offering to the financial sector. Because we have a reputation in the industry for understanding global financial compliance rules and regulations, we keep you compliant with regulators and with internal governance. But we add clever innovation to get your message across in a way that your customers or clients will remember.

We're privileged to have made banking and finance video productions directly with bank customers, bank CEOs, investment strategists, actuaries, community partners. Tackling debt management, on-boarding, back-office training, sales training. And, softer non-customer facing subject matters such as corporate social responsibility programs and regulatory compliance.

Behind the scenes we’ve helped banking & financing BPOs . If you're wondering if we understand compliance fully then the answer answer is yes!  We have a librarian knowledge of GDPR, MIFID II and Dodds-Frank. If you're operating in the UK alone, we understand why international regulations may be relevant to you. All our knowledge helps in making brilliant banking and finance video work better for you.


After exchanging NDAs we consult with your team to develop and agree a full project scope for your film. An explanation of what we will do, together with when and how, will be agreed before we take on your important video project.

We can breakdown of our production fees, including any likely amendments in advance. Of course we'll need the relevant permissions to start video production. This applies to the people we want to film, plus location approvals.

We work within corporate guidelines in terms of tone, look, feel. Meticulously following branding guidelines throughout your video production. We’re able to re-purpose content for social media, internal use or for whatever the production is required for.

Nothing leaves our cutting room floor until it’s signed off and with banking and finance in particular, we rarely showcase our work . Relying on the reputation we've built instead.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can improve your banking and finance video production, call our MediaCityUK team now (in Manchester) on +44(0)161 826 0106.