We’ve been winning awards for our NHS and Healthcare video work for many years. Our first award was in the Pharmaceutical industry - awarded by the BMA. By the year 2000, we'd created quite a few industry-firsts within the NHS and Healthcare video industry sector.

Thinktank's senior production team includes producers, interviewers, script-writers and crew with extensive healthcare and NHS industry experience. On a global scale too! We’ve won script-writing awards for our productions. We bettered that by becoming the first company in history to live-stream and broadcast a live-operation in the UK.

Our Manchester healthcare production team has works around the world in  healthcare video productions - call +44(0)161 826 0106 to discuss your new NHS or Healthcare film today.


The founding member of our film company started out in international marketing within the pharmaceutical industry. With significant responsibility for ethical pharma product launches, educational healthcare films and what was then, multi-media productions for the NHS. That was in the 1990s. Today, thinktank has won awards for films in Mental Health. We've conceptualised, developed and scripted online learning courses for pharmacists and care home staff, including 10-hour distance learning courses in a number of healthcare subject areas.

We work for the NHS, pharma companies, consumer health brands and with internationally respected key opinion leaders who need to communicate their message in a controlled and discerning way. We were the first company to stream and broadcast a live operation in the UK. And, we did this in collaboration with the media, the big Social Media platforms and every major UK TV broadcaster. That's some experience in making NHS and Healthcare video productions!

Healthcare expertise

Our experience in working with the NHS and healthcare extends to working with key charity partners and healthcare technology companies. Many looking to launch novel products and services into the NHS. Some of these to the general public also. Our interviewers and crew are skilled at producing reconstructive-drama type films. We've done this alongside real-life NHS staff.  In busy A&E environments, theatres and on critical care units. That takes some real experience to do this alongside the general public. Without ever getting in the way. We have an unparalleled reputation for filming NHS, Pharma and Healthcare projects. all managed from our MediaCityUK headquarters in Manchester.


We’ve worked in the UK, Europe. Africa, the Middle East and the US. Delivering films for high-tech product and service providers to the NHS and pharma industries. Also we partner with leading charities for patients with lifelong medical conditions. And, helped launch new technologies to pharmacists, healthcare professionals, NHS staff and NHS Trusts. We’ve also produced a number of training films for surgeons, psychiatrists and social care staff. Supporting their service delivery and major roll-out support for the NHS and for healthcare professionals.

NHS, Healthcare or Pharma

Are you’re a NHS Trust, NHS Foundation Trust, Health & Social Care Commissioning Group. Or maybe a Pharma Company, Care home provider or an associated partner such as a Charity. Even a provider of products or services to the NHS or HCPs (healthcare professionals). Reach out for expert help in making your new NHS & Healthcare video production. Call thinktank film productions, MediaCityUK, Manchester on +44(0)161 826 0106 today for further information.