Our senior production team is a fusion of experienced experts.  Boardroom-level senior managers in the corporate world and award-winning directors & post-production creatives from TV & Film. Among the many 'first's we've achieved,  is the first-ever live streamed medical operation. In collaboration with BBC, Sky, ITV and the giants of press, radio and social media - like Radio 1 and Twitter. Live around the world. But we produce many different types of video & film for clients.

Our work is with A-List Film & TV celebrities, icons of sport; football, rugby, boxing and martial arts. That's why we run successful  global Customer Reference and Product Launch video campaigns. For some of the world’s leading brands. Every type of film you can think of, we make it. All from our Manchester offices. Call us now on +44(0)161 826 0106 and let us show you what type of video or film works best for you.


Working from the heart of MediaCityUK in Manchester, Thinktank Film Productions is trusted by major brands. Plus leading Film & TV personalities. We're also loved by  specialist niche-companies who benefit from the way we understand their needs. Whether it's B2B or B2C . And, whatever type of video production needed. We've learned what works and what doesn't work. From our time spent making key decisions in boardrooms across Europe. Also from our work at the cutting edge of film-making, crafting the exact type of video that work best for clients.

Understanding companies and Individuals

Because our boardroom experience spans the Corporate and Public Sector, you'd be right thinking that we know what an organisation wants.

Our work in documentary film-making drives the way we communicate. In every type of video or film we make. The human touch is essential to keep viewers immersed in the video content we produce.

Thinktank is proud of the charities it has supported over the years and all of the individuals that we've worked with. And their compelling stories they've respectfully shared with us.

Working live

We were early adopters in the live filming & streaming world . Tha't's why we were making live types of video production for 20-years. Filming live events. Streaming digital content. And, getting great results before the days we all enjoyed the luxury of fast broadband. We’ve worked with Channel 4, BBC, Sky and numerous media outlets.  Streaming every type of video and film; from live concerts, famous DJs;  live surgery in theatre. Even intercontinental live streams. We even have experience designing, building and installing the live video production kit needed for clients.

Understanding advertising, TV & social media video

What sells? What makes people happy?. Or cry? Our expertise can guide you to in the right direction, making sure you choose the right type of video production to reach your objectives

We’re equally at home making controversial documentaries as we are with interviewing and directing feature film actors or university students. We make TV adverts, social media films and can provide the ultimate comprehensive product launch video productions, together with engaging customer reference videos to support your marketing team.

Take a peek in this section at the kind of work we do. If you still can't decide what type of video works best for you, we'll be happy to help steer you on the right track.