Thinktank is the UK’s and possibly Europe's leading customer reference films provider. Delivering turnkey customer reference programs across a wide and varied array of business sectors.

From our Manchester headquarters we research, plan, produce, film and deliver the highest quality client customer reference video content in multiple languages.


In the early days, our documentary, TV and corporate marketing backgrounds were the perfect blend of skills for telling captivating customer stories on film. The same skills and style underpins our approach to reference programs that we help deliver.

We work with the world’s biggest brands often helping them formulate their reference strategies. And, we work within super-niche markets, where our technical knowledge and understanding of the customer journey make us the ideal client testimonial film partner.

Interviewing - documentary style

One of the things that makes our customer reference films stand out is the way we’re able to quickly develop a bond of trust with our client’s customers.

We have an innate ability to see things through the customer’s eyes. It helps us probe and ask great questions, in a way that puts every contributor at ease. We know what to ask, when to ask and how to ask the right questions.  To get the quotations that sell products and services.


Customer reference films only work if they are authentic, believable and on-message. Beyond our technical and journalistic skills, we’re experienced at working with clients and their customers to get clearance from legal teams, locations and in some cases, celebrity sign-off.

We have a proven track-record in making successful customer stories come to life. And, we’re able to provide one-off reference films or develop and manage global customer reference accounts.

Believing in what you do

We inject passion into reference programs. Our clients often say that we feel like an extension of their in-house team. Mainly because we take time to understand your business and really get why your clients love using your products or services.

Contributors feel that they can focus on telling their story better when we’re interviewing them on camera. Because we can speak confidently about their challenges and how they overcame them with your help.

To take your client reference films to the next level, call our Manchester Reference Team on +44(0)161 826 0106 for further information.