Our team has a track-record in producing and delivering broadcast TV documentary films. We only accept new documentary film projects that have already been commissioned or alternatively, for individuals who have the funds to make a trailer or have the financial resources to fund the production in full, before we start.


We have full pre and post production facilities in-house and have a skilled film-crew who are experienced in working on broadcast productions. For commissions or co-productions we work to agreed budgets and can provide a full breakdown of costs to meet the needs of commissioning editors. We work in a relaxed and informal style with contributors, whilst maintaining a professional approach to our work at all times.

I have an idea for a documentary

At any one time we probably have a dozen or so ideas for making our own films, so when we hear from aspiring film-makers who want their vision turned into a TV documentary, we can do this only if they have the budget to make a trailer and full-proposal for a commissioning editor.

Or, for individuals who want to self-fund their own documentary, we’re happy to work with you, as long as the funding is in place to cover the full production costs.

We don’t do anything on a speculative basis and only work on fully-funded productions.


We absolutely will not work on any kind of production involving an expose or anything intended to shock or offend people. That simply something we’re interested in.

We prefer real-life stories, observational documentaries or educationally-led films with interesting content about special people, unique places or something very unusual with an imaginative back-story.

Budgets and On-Time Project Delivery

Our documentary productions range from producing teaser films (for commissioning editors) or full documentary films or funded co-productions.

If you meet the qualifying criteria for making a documentary with thinktank, call +44(0)161 826 0106 to discuss your documentary project with one of our producers.